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Are you generating waste that needs to be disposed of per your municipality’s garbage disposal regulations? Did you know that every individual, business, public sector, government agency, and industrial facility produces garbage? In some cases, they produce trash each minute of the hour. Spending every waking hour in your house for the next week, you’ll have at least two bags full of home garbage. There is no way to prevent waste production, regardless of your dedication.

How Much Trash Do You Generate Each Day?

Are you a frequent driver through the countryside? If yes, look at the roadways for signs of the garbage next time you visit. In rural areas, there is less garbage thrown away on public roads compared to metropolia, city, and urban zones. Why is this the case? Think about it, there is a higher amount of human activity in the urban zones, in contrast to rural areas, where population density is low.

In 2018, The United States generated 292.4 million tons of waste. In the breakdown, each resident inside the United States generated 4.9 pounds of waste in 2018 to the US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA.”

How To Reduce Your Monthly Waste Collection Bill?

Would you like to lower your monthly trash collection bill by at least 50? Well, you can through a few simple lifestyle changes. Like every other human in the world, you generate certain amounts of trash. The volume of trash one individual produces changes constantly. One month, you have 4.20 pounds of trash, the next month, you generate slightly more than that at 4.50 pounds. Is it possible to remain consistent with the volume of trash you generate daily? Sure, but it won’t be straightforward.

If they are dedicated, everyone can reduce the amount of waste they produce by at least 25. Of course, it won’t be an easy task, but it’s doable when you put your mind to it. The result is less waste collection cost.

Our Cost-Efficient Waste Collection Services?

Do you lack the resources – time and transportation, and workforce – to transfer your household waste to a local municipality dump or disposal facility? When some people don’t have access to essential resources for waste disposal, they often search for alternative options. Unfortunately, some choose to dump their garbage at illegal dumping sites. It is shocking to see the volume of garbage found in illegal dumping sites throughout the United States.

The evidence suggests that around 1.5 million tonnes of garbage are disposed of in unregulated areas annually in the United States alone. The trash found in illegal dumping sites ranges from old furniture, appliances, and food containers to scrap material for building, food, clothing, toys grooming and grooming items, and tires.

To prevent illegal waste dumping, We have partnered with local municipalities to provide low-cost, accessible services for garbage collection. We believe our garbage collection service helps fight illegal dumping in our communities.

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